2017 The Most Popular Baby Names for Every State in the USA

Noah and Emma are America’s top baby names, but the local view can look very different. Here are the new top names from coast to coast.

State 1st 2nd 3rd
Alabama Ava Emma Olivia
Alaska Emma Olivia Amelia
Arizona Emma Sophia Mia
Arkansas Ava Emma Olivia
California Mia Sophia Emma
Colorado Olivia Emma Charlotte
Connecticut Olivia Charlotte Mia
Delaware Ava Olivia Emma
D.C. Ava Sofia Charlotte
Florida Isabella Olivia Emma
Georgia Ava Olivia Emma
Hawaii Olivia Mia Emma
Idaho Emma Olivia Harper
Illinois Olivia Emma Sophia
Indiana Emma Olivia Ava
Iowa Olivia Emma Harper
Kansas Emma Olivia Charlotte
Kentucky Emma Ava Olivia
Louisiana Ava Olivia Emma
Maine Emma Charlotte Olivia
Maryland Ava Olivia Emma
Massachusetts Olivia Emma Charlotte
Michigan Ava Olivia Emma
Minnesota Evelyn Olivia Emma
Mississippi Ava Olivia Emma
Missouri Olivia Emma Charlotte
Montana Harper Olivia Emma
Nebraska Emma Harper Ava
Nevada Mia Sophia Ava
New Hampshire   Charlotte Emma Olivia
New Jersey Mia Olivia Emma
New Mexico Mia Sophia Emma
New York Olivia Emma Sophia
North Carolina Ava Emma Olivia
North Dakota Harper Olivia Emma
Ohio Emma Ava Olivia
Oklahoma Emma Olivia Ava
Oregon Olivia Emma Sophia
Pennsylvania Emma Olivia Ava
Rhode Island Olivia Isabella Charlotte
South Carolina Ava Emma Olivia
South Dakota Emma Harper Olivia
Tennessee Emma Ava Olivia
Texas Emma Mia Sophia
Utah Olivia Emma Charlotte
Vermont Harper Charlotte Emma
Virginia Olivia Emma Ava
Washington Emma Olivia Sophia
West Virginia Harper Olivia Ava
Wisconsin Olivia Emma Ava
Wyoming Emma Olivia Ava


State 1st 2nd 3rd
Alabama William James John
Alaska Liam Oliver James
Arizona Liam Noah Sebastian
Arkansas Elijah William Mason
California Noah Matthew Ethan
Colorado Liam Noah Oliver
Connecticut Noah James Michael
Delaware Liam Michael Mason
D.C. William Alexander Henry
Florida Liam Noah Jacob
Georgia William Noah Mason
Hawaii Noah Liam Ethan
Idaho Oliver Liam Mason
Illinois Noah Liam Alexander
Indiana Oliver Liam Elijah
Iowa Oliver Owen William
Kansas Benjamin Henry William
Kentucky William Elijah James
Louisiana Liam Noah Mason
Maine Liam Owen Benjamin
Maryland Noah Mason Liam
Massachusetts Benjamin William James
Michigan Noah Mason Benjamin
Minnesota Henry Oliver William
Mississippi William James Mason
Missouri William Liam Mason
Montana James Liam Owen
Nebraska Liam Henry Oliver
Nevada Liam Alexander Noah
New Hampshire Noah William Owen
New Jersey Liam Noah Matthew
New Mexico Elijah Noah Liam
New York Liam Jacob Noah
North Carolina William Noah Mason
North Dakota Oliver William Easton
Ohio Liam Noah Carter
Oklahoma Liam Elijah Oliver
Oregon Oliver Henry William
Pennsylvania Noah Liam Mason
Rhode Island Liam Noah Benjamin
South Carolina William Noah James
South Dakota Oliver Liam Owen
Tennessee William James Elijah
Texas Noah Liam Sebastian
Utah Oliver William Liam
Vermont Owen Oliver Wyatt
Virginia William Noah James
Washington Liam Benjamin Oliver
West Virginia Mason Noah Liam
Wisconsin Oliver Henry Liam
Wyoming Wyatt Liam William


The boy’s name that ranks #1 in the most states is not Noah but Liam, with William (which can yield the nickname Liam) second most common. For girls Emma takes the most states at 16, and the a-ending trio of Emma, Olivia and Ava account for the top spots in 40 states from coast to coast.

The top regional trend is Oliver’s reign over the upper Midwest and West. Oliver is the #1 choice of Idaho, Indiana, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah and Wisconsin, but doesn’t crack the top 3 anywhere in the Southeast. In an interesting demographic pattern, surnames are most favored in rural areas across the country. Harper, for instance, is the top girl’s name in Montana, North Dakota, Vermont and West Virginia, and Wyatt cracks the top 3 for boys in Wyoming and Vermont.

Finally, a symbolic moment of change: John no longer ranks among the top 3 boys’ names anywhere in America.

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