Wall Decals, Dolls & Dolls Accessories by Samantha O’Brien

If you’re looking for a way to brighten up your kids day- there are 2 things you can do…
1. Decorate their room with beautiful vinyl stickers
2. Get them the perfect little rag doll.

For both of these items- you only need to go to one place!

The perfect dress for the perfect doll
Doll shoes

The name is Samantha O’Brien… She’s the owner and the face behind Sweth635, an Etsy store from Pennsylvania.
Samantha’s small online boutique is the perfect place to get a brand new rag doll for your baby girl, or baby boy, as well as a great place to get the best doll accessories, like doll dresses and doll shoes.

She also sells a small variety of the cutest vinyl wall decals- to make sure your baby’s walls always feature positivity and a good vibe!

Breast Cancer Awareness dolls

One of my favorite things to see in an Etsy store is awareness for something I believe in. Ever since my aunt past away from breast cancer in 2015, those little pink ribbons have always moved me… That’s why I was so pleased to see breast cancer awareness dolls in Samantha’s Etsy boutique. Truly speaks to the nature of this seller, and that what we are looking to recommend here on Dinksi.

There’s also a special breast cancer awareness wall decal for our hopeful survivors:

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